Biometric technology has emerged as a proven and reliable method of securing an enterprise. In addition to the level of security achieved via biometrics, an added benefit in applying the technology is the money saved on previously manual processes.

RG2 Solutions can implement biometric solutions for your credit union to help secure three separate areas of vulnerability:

Eliminating Passwords for Network Access & Applications
Passwords are considered the “weak link” in terms of securing network access and other password protected applications. By replacing passwords with a fingerprint you no longer have the threat of passwords being stolen, given out or hacked. Cost Savings: Password administration is a time consuming task for both the end user and your technology staff.
Eliminating password administration will save money by reducing the amount of time wasted on password lock-outs and resets.

Facility Access
Currently most facilities secure their doors with card keys. With this type of system you run the risk of lost or stolen cards. By securing your doors with biometrics you eliminate this type of threat. Cost Savings: Eliminates the cost of expensive card key replacement and management.

Identity Management & Verification
By using biometric technology you can verify member identity for account access and services. In addition you can apply identity management for your employees in areas such as time-clock/attendance applications. Cost Savings: Reduces the risk of identity fraud and member impersonation.
Accurately track employee payroll expenses.
 Did You Know?:
• On average, organizations spend $150 per employee/per year on help desk costs driven by forgotten and expired passwords.
SC Magazine - June 2003

• 80% of security attacks investigated by Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT), are password-related.

• A study by a security firm found that four out of five workers would disclose their passwords to someone in the company, if asked.

• Another study by the same company found that nearly two-thirds of the workers polled at Victoria Station in London gave the pollster their passwords when asked. Their reward? A cheap pen.

• A survey found that the typical user now has 21 passwords, and has two strategies to cope... Use common words, or write them down.
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